Vital statistics
First appearance The Interference III: Wings of Time
Age 24
Species Human
Game Chrono Trigger
Homeworld Guardia, 65000000BC
Weapons and Abilities Athletics, unarmed combat
Appears in The Interference III: Wings of Time

Ayla is a party member in the game Chrono Trigger and a supporting character in The Interference III: Wings of Time. Ayla hails from prehistoric times, millions of years before the founding of the Kingdom of Guardia, and is the chief of Ioka Village.


Ayla was born in Ioka Village. As a child, she was called upon to raise the newly found Kino, and they quickly became inseparable. Over time, Ayla proved her worth as a warrior fighting against the Reptites and was elected to the position of Chief. As part of this position, she was gifted the Dreamstone.


Ayla is confident beyond all else, even to the point of boisterousness. Even with her particular dialect of speech (an extremely simplified English) she is obviously blunt, and is partly swayed by hedonism, eagerly indulging in a drinking contest, celebrating the act of celebration, and quickly mentioning how she 'respects' both strong men and strong women. In spite of this apparent free-spiritedness, though, Ayla cares deeply about her people and is quite serious about her high position, declaring that she will fight to protect them for as long as she lives.


She is a young woman with an athletic build, with particularly muscular legs. She has light skin, curly light blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. Her clothing consists of a tube top and bikini bottom constructed from a bluish grey animal skin. The animal's tail has been repurposed as both a belt for the bottom of the tube top and a scarf, winding around both her underbus and her neck, and hanging over her shoulder. She also wears wrist bands and boots of the same fur.

Powers and weaponsEdit

Ayla is formidable at unarmed physical combat, with and her fists being described as her in-game weapons. Many of her attacks involving kicking, clawing, or otherwise handling her foes. She is capable of tossing most enemies without much trouble. She does, however, also find and throw stones, and her artwork shows a wooden club. Ayla is also not above using her body to distract enemies in order to steal their things.

Unlike the other biological party members, Ayla has no ability to employ any form of Chrono Trigger magic, although she is resistant to Fire element. This is because, as she predates the founding of the Kingdom of Zeal by several million years, she does not have the genetic traits necessary for the use of magic. Without magic, however, she is also able to create a small cyclone using only the tail on her costume and heal her friends, as well as summon a giant dinosaur tail.

Source gamesEdit

  • Chrono Trigger, 1995