Vital statistics
First appearance The Interference: Re:coded
Age Unknown
Species AI
Game None
Homeworld Data Worlds, Disney Castle, The World
Weapons and Abilities Lockshield, deleting Bug Blox
Appears in The Interference: Re:coded

Data-Alex is the protagonist of The Interference: Re:coded. He is a data construct of Alexander Karsath created from the information contained within Jiminy's second Journal as a companion for Data-Sora.

History Edit

Over the course of The Interference, Jiminy Cricket recorded the adventures of Sora, Donald, Goofy and Alex in the second of his journals. These journals were taken back home to Disney Castle, as a report for King Mickey to read. Seemingly, Alex also provided some information about his journey prior to waking Sora, as the first time Data-Alex is seen is on the morning of the Sixth Day, and he is aware he had previously fought with Saïx, though he never speaks or thinks very specifically on life prior to entering Kingdom Hearts II.

Personality Edit

Data-Alex, like his flesh-and-blood basis, strongly depends on the ability to know the future. As a result, his personality is largely dominated by his fear of the unknown, which causes him to struggle in finding a way to help on Data-Sora's adventure. Connected to this, he demonstrates a very particular aversion towards loss of memory, which is what specifically causes him to avoid journeying with Data-Sora. Conversely, when he realises he is finally able to aid Data-Sora, Data-Alex becomes much more confident (and dramatic, in terms of presentation).

Just like the real Alex, he struggles with handling strong emotion, and is prone to a sassy comment or two. When he confronts Data-Roxas alone, Data-Alex resorts to a state of bravado in an attempt to recapture control over the situation, but this inevitably fails due to his lack of actual understanding of the situation.

Appearance Edit

Data-Alex is derived from the beginning of the Sixth Day, and as such has the exact appearance of Alexander Karsath from that very morning. He has short, flat brown hair and hazel eyes, and wears a green shirt, blue jeans and black trainers.

Powers and Weapons Edit

Data-Alex wields a Heartless Seal Lockshield, similar to his original self. As he is based on a very young and inexperienced Alex, he has very little strength.