Robo, also known as Prometheus, is a party member from Chrono Trigger and a supporting character in The Interference III: Wings of Time. He is a robot hailing from the Future of the world of Guardia, and comes to the party when he is repaired by Lucca. He is a member of the party who finally defeats Dilan and Lavos.


Robo is one of the creations of Mother Brain, an AI that linked the bio-domes of Guardia up until 1999AD, the day that Lavos attacked and is an R-66Y model, presumably designed to assist humans in some form. He was disabled in the attack and left shut down and horribly damaged up until 2300AD.

Personality Edit

Robo is calm and calculative, befitting of a robot. He is benevolent, earning the ire of his fellow robots and a beating for his refusal to kill humans. Robo demonstrates great politeness in his speech as well as a measure of curiosity; he is also philosophical, as demonstrated after four centuries of time tending to Fiona's Forest, where he reveals his newfound belief that the party's journey has been orchestrated by an entity attempting to avert the terrible fate of the planet.

Appearance Edit

Robo is a squat, bipedal robot, with a gold and grey metal exoskeleton and an internal skeleton hidden behind a layer of crinkled black rubber, with a large silver tank on his back. He wears a gold helmet on his squashed 'head' that contains blue-green lamps positioned similarly to eyes. A leather sheet hangs down the back of his neck from the helmet, and others hang from beneath his body plate, over his abdomen. He has ejectable armored hands.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being a robot capable of surviving an apocalypse in a curable state, Robo is incredibly hardy as well as physically strong, capable of very powerful punches, though he is slow in return. The hands can be ejected as a projectile and recalled via a chain. His body contains a laser which qualifies as Shadow magic; he can also technically implement the Fire and Lightning elements via the Area Bomb and Electrocute techs, respectively. Robo can also heal small amounts of health.

Source games Edit

  • Chrono Trigger, 1995