The Interference III: Wings of Time

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Vital statistics
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Publishing date 28th March 2007
Last update 22nd December 2007
Universes featured Earth (opening)

Guardia (main setting) Amestris (ending)

Main character Alexander Karsath, Edward Elric
Number of Chapters 33
The Interference II: Curse of the Crimson Elixir
The Interference IV: Dark Renegade
The Interference III: Wings of Time (shortened on this wiki to The Interference III) is the third story in the Interference series. It takes place directly after The Interference II and tells of Alexander Karsath's third Interference (and first deliberate Interference), into the world of the game Chrono Trigger.

FFDN SummaryEdit

"In search of the remainder of Ansem's apprentices, Alexander brings Edward and Alphonse Elric along to the world of Chrono Trigger. For the first time in all of his adventures, he has become an Interference on purpose. But will they be as successful here?"


Immediately following the previous story, Alexander takes Edward and Alphonse Elric outside of their game into his room, where he immediately rifles through his game collection, trying to select something. He comes across Chrono Trigger, which he has beaten several times, starts it up on his older Super Nintendo, and opens up a portal using the Lockshield, appearing in Leene Square on the date of the Millennial Fair.

Pushing through the surprisingly large crowd of people, the three of them spot a red-headed young man walking into a tent. Alex explains that the young man is Crono, the game's protagonist. They enter the tent (proving to be Norstein Bekkler's game tent) and watch Crono play a game, after which they crowd and befriend him as he leaves and heads up the square. Their distraction causes Crono to walk into a girl named Marle, who asks all of them to take her around the fair, as she doesn't know the area.

They eventually make their way to the grounds where Crono's friend Lucca is setting up a teleporter machine with her father. Crono tests it, proving it to work, but when Marle tries, her pendant reacts with the machine, causing a giant portal to appear and suck her in with the pendant remaining behind. As the townspeople flee the area, Crono, Alex, Edward and Alphonse all volunteer to go after her. They start the machine again and use the pendant to re-open the portal, travelling inside it.

Major Plot PointsEdit

  • Guardia comes into existence, gaining elements from the World.
  • Aeleus is introduced to the world where he assists Lavos.
  • Alex, Edward and Alphonse all learn Guardia magic.
  • Alexander takes a hit from Lavos and dies.
  • Edward briefly takes over the use of the Lockshield and possession of Joumae.
  • Alexander is revived, though Edward retains the ability to hear Joumae.
  • Aeleus is defeated alongside Lavos.

​Changes from Game CanonEdit

  • Alex chooses to take down Azala on his own, removing the entire Chrono Trigger party from the quest.
  • In the original game, it was Crono who took the hit from Lavos, and it was possible to complete the game without reviving him. Alexander instead takes the hit.
  • The events slideshow, commentary from two characters, and the ending with Crono's mother chasing the cats into the rift are all separate endings with different requirements.