Count Veger is a member of the Haven City Council and an enemy of Alex and the Underground.


Similar to his appearance in Jak 3, Veger is a tall, slim human male, with a drawn face, aquiline nose, balding head, and fair skin. He carries himself with a traditional behavior and indignant posture. He wears a waistcoat, cravat, spats, and a long, blue coat, giving him a dignified look.


Count Veger is best known as the arrogant power broker of Haven City's Grand Council, who feels he is superior to his enemies and to his allies. This superiority complex causes him to often be mocked by other characters such as Ashelin and Erol.

Veger also seems to be a very religious man and is very devoted to the Precursors. In turn, he seems to be disgusted with anything towards darkness, viewing Jak and Alex as abominations. He also has a fascination towards the Keyblade, favoring light over darkness, and claims they'll counter Alex's lockshield with it.


  • Count Veger never made any type of appearance in Jak II. Despite having a position in the Haven government at this time, he was created for Jak 3.